What can Happen in 365 days?  Or shall I ask, How can so much happen so fast?
Well let me see: Dre and I have been continuously working, learning, adjusting, experimenting, occasionally breathing, every once in a while we have gotten to hang out with friends and even more rare we actually might have had a conversation that is not about Farm To Fit.
As Birthday’s tend to do to me, I am feeling very reflective.
I am amazed at how much I have learned and how much more I need to learn.
I am surprised how some things I was so certain about, I was so wrong about.
I am in awe about how much support we have received and sometimes shocked at where it has come from.
And above all, I am ever so thankful for all our customers.
We are thrilled to celebrate our first birthday and are excited about all the new things to happen in our second year!
Happy Birthday and Thank you to our clients….we wouldn’t be here without you!
Let’s Celebrate!