Farm to Fit Kitchen Farm to Fit Celebrates 3 Years of Service on November 1st!

From the humble beginnings of working out of shared kitchen in North Portland and a home office.  Owners Dre Slaman and G. Scott Brown with their one employee Chef Kevin Sandri built the foundation of Farm To Fit like most small start ups, by doing all the menu creation, calorie counting, prep, cooking, packaging, delivery, billing, marketing, design and customer relations themselves.

Slaman and Brown have since maneuvered the company through Chef changes, a couple of kitchens and steered Farm To Fit to almost doubling its revenue for its 3rd straight year. Farm To Fit now has 13 employees and its own commercial kitchen which is in production 7 days a week. They have expanded their offering and ways customers can experience Farm To Fit’s meals . Along with the business growth the last year also brought many personal surprises and challenges to Slaman and Brown. The owners had their first child (and new CEO!)  M. Pierce in July right after Brown lost his own mother suddenly to cancer.

And it feels to them like they are just beginning. Brown just finished an 8 month Business class called Emerging Leaders sponsored by the SBA. The class left him with a Strategic Growth Action Plan for the next 3 years. This plan has Farm To Fit looking to the future and seeing their dream and hard work coming into fruition.

Brown and Slaman know that customers want and need choice and control with their food options so they are starting early next year to offer a Signature Dish Menu, which will allow customers to swap out meals for dishes that are not to their liking.

And that is just the beginning of the plan…. Keep a look out for even more new and exciting things from Farm To Fit!