Produce of the Moment

Contrary to popular belief, the fruits and veggies that really scream SUMMER (think tomatoes, peaches, corn, peppers) hit their true peak in August and September. Right now is the best time for the freshest, most ripe summer produce packed with flavor and nutrients. What a reason to celebrate!

That’s why we’re bringing you another behind-the-scenes peek at some of our favorite produce, how we’re using it right now in your Farm to Fit meals, AND tips from our chef on how to enjoy all this freshness in your own kitchen. Read on!


Hot Peppers

The peppers are loving this year’s heat wave. We use them for wonderful punches of flavor in just about any dish. Start your morning with a kick: mince them up and add them to your scrambled eggs.

Find them in our housemade hot sauces and braised with pork.


Everyone’s favorite summer herb is extra flavorful and plentiful right now. Spicy, licorice-y, bright, and floral, chiffonade those beautiful green leaves and toss them in your favorite pasta dish.

We use bunches of fresh, local basil in our housemade pesto.

Heirloom Tomatoes

Unlike year-round, store-bought tomatoes, these gems grown right here in the Valley taste like a tomato should: juicy, sunny, and vibrant. Prepare them fresh to best highlight their flavor and, of course, those beautiful colors. Just slice, sprinkle with salt, and serve atop salads or on toast.

These beauties really shine in the Farm to Fit caprese salad.


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