Produce of the Season

Spring is in full swing (heck, it’s practically summer already!) and the only thing we love more than this much-needed Portland sunshine is the selection of fresh, seasonal treasures arriving from local farms. You might have noticed some of these fruits, veggies, and herbs in your meals lately, from bok choy and peacock kale to heirloom black radish.

Below, you’ll find a sneak peek at some of our favorites that are in season right now—along with tips from our chef on how to enjoy them in your own kitchen. Read on!


Heirloom Black Radish

Sweet up front, with heat emerging the longer you chew, we love these radishes on salads. Chef Adam has even been known to add them to his morning eggs!

Find it garnishing your favorite Farm to Fit salads.

Bok Choy

Early season bok choy has a hint of heat and plenty of crunch. Try it with a slice of bacon on an egg sandwich, or quickly grilled with a drizzle of walnut oil.

Find it in our Burmese Curry and stuffed peppers.

Purple Kohlrabi

Chef Adam likes to slice kohlrabi paper-thin on the mandoline and toss with a little sea salt and pink pepper for an impromptu slaw. Or, dice into cubes, toss with olive oil and cracked pepper, and roast.

Find it in our vegetarian stews and salads.

Peacock Kale

With long, serrated leaves, Peacock kale is a delicious and surprising addition to salads, or tossed into late-spring pastas for a punch of green flavor, healthy nutrients, and bright color.

Find it in our Primavera Scramble or a braised side dish.