At the time of this blog, we’re well into the rainy Pacific Northwest winter, which makes it super hard to get outside for workouts— or sometimes even to an indoor gym we’re paying for! If you’re someone who prefers to sweat in the comfort of your own home, consider adding one of these to your in-home gym!

High-Tech Machines

Peloton’s holiday commercial and the response above from local Aviation Gin made waves last December, but if you want to invest in your fitness, check out the popular bike or the more affordable Mirror and Tonal.

In-home gym essentials aren’t the only high-tech health tool.

Bring your at-diet into 2020 with automated meal deliveries, to stay on track with your fitness goals.

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Jump! With a rope or a trampoline 

Recent studies have shown that taking care of your lymphatic system is as vital as heart health. This system is made of the lymphatic vessels connected to lymph nodes. In the circulatory system, veins and blood vessels carry blood to organs, tissues and individual cells throughout the body. The lymphatic system is similar, but instead of blood it carries lymph.

What is lymph you ask? The fluids your body doesn’t need, in the form of a clear fluid- you know it best as phlegm. Lymph only drains in the direction of your neck, as opposed to blood, which our heart pumps through our body. This means physical activity is one of the best ways to keep your body from becoming swollen with fluids… And jumping is an excellent way to make your heart and lymphatic system healthy! 

Jump ropes are suuuuuper affordable and come in weighted variety for a challenge! Just make sure you do it on a padded floor (a yoga mat can work well) to protect your joints. 

Spend a bit more to live out your childhood dreams of a trampoline! In-home options are easily storable and affordable. Just give it a shot before you commit to hopping around your home by visiting one of the two trampoline parks in the Portland area.

Yoga Corner + Youtube Videos 

credit: The Design Files

Set up a small corner of your home to focus your mindfulness and yoga practice. Want to dive in? One of our favorite teachers, Adriene, just launched Home, a new series of all-levels instructional videos. 

Rowing Machine

Photo by Kyle Kranz on Unsplash

Sometimes it’s best to return to basics. Rowing is an easily adjustable full-body workout– and the repetitive motion is often soothing!

Not only does this rowing machine come in at under $100, it folds down to easily store in smaller spaces. 

The Mobile In-Home Gym

Taking time away from the screen? Training for a marathon? Taking a workout class in your area? There’s an app for that. Check out the #1 page of health and fitness apps in the Apple store/Google Play store

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