As many of you already know, we take pride in our weekly menus. Our all-star Chef Kevin Sandri musters up gourmet miracles from seasonal produce picked at its peak. Some of you, though, have heard us say this without much of an idea what the end result becomes. Sure, we use local and organic ingredients, but what does that mean for you? How will we turn that into 21 meals you actually want to devour each week? Please, allow us to show you- Below is the final menu for the upcoming week. Feast your eyes on each of the options below (and the order in which we suggest you ingest them), then hit us up via phone, email, or website for an order so next week you can feast more than your eyes.

Breakfast: Steel cut oats with dried peaches and blueberry
Lunch: Turkey burger
Dinner: Roasted chili lime cod, new potato and asparagus

Breakfast: Greek scramble
Lunch: Chop salad
Dinner: Marinated pork chop with dirty rice and braised cabbage

Breakfast: Bagel with roasted scallion cream cheese and green breakfast smoothie
Lunch: Indonesian chicken salad
Dinner: Braised lamb with toasted millet and creamed spinach