For years now, when I am dieting, I weigh in once a week. So the night before I have to get on the scale, I become very anxious.  It is subtle and I am not always aware but my subconscious is, and he becomes a wreck waiting to hear the news, imploring the world for good news but always expecting the worst.

I also do the useless and bad habit of not drinking water after about 6pm the night G Scott at the farm
before (my thought is, “ then I can’t blame it on water.”)  I do not think it is true, but it somehow displaces my anxiousness into action but not acting. Oh, my brain when it is on a diet!!! Well that is my confession of the week.

Now the news, after a night of restless sleep (half due to the weighing in and half the new business) with my stomach in knots, I went to the scale and it was good to me, it said I lost 2 pounds!

Right on track. If I keep it up, I am where I need to be for the Goal. 7 down 18 to go!

Farm to Fit ’til I am FORTY!