As his partner in both business and marriage, I have been so proud of G. Scott’s progress through Farm to Forty.  Not only has he dropped some LBs,  but more importantly he has also made a lifestyle change… by eating delicious food AND meeting his goals!

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We have dieted A LOT together. We’ve tried juice diets, protein only, veggies only, no dairy, no beans, no WATER and everything in between.  You name it, WE’VE done it.  Although we both have our different challenges and successes, our ups and our downs, the best thing about being a part of G’s Farm to Forty is seeing how there doesn’t have to be some crazy solution to reach weight and wellness goals.

G has been diligent throughout the holidays, the evolution (and stress!) of a new business and the milestone of turning forty.  He has lost weight healthily and consciously and I look forward to what the next weeks and months bring.  With 10 days left until the big  4-0, I am rooting for you G!  You’ve definitely inspired me to stay on track with my goals and I am so excited to see what happens at 40 and, even better, BEYOND!