Oh the Holidays, oh mother-in-laws, oh my rebellious nature, and oh french fries and pizza. Well I have to say that I was a little more confident and lackadaisical about what the Holidays would do to my waist line.  I think I was blindly assured that with my looming step over the hill and my business on the line, there would be nothing that could shake my dieting resolve.  Well a few things shook that resolve, one was a week at my mother-in-law’s, who strategically placed m&ms around the house and constantly had snack time. Two, vacation ignites my party animal, and there are no chains that can control him. Three, really I think after spending a little more than a month not having to think about how much I needed to eat or where it was coming from, I indulgently made very bad decisions on how to choose my sustenance.

Needless to say I only gained a pound, so my trips to the gym must have counter-balanced my lack of discipline. It is a new year and I am back! I got five weeks and my plan is to get as many pounds I can (Hopefully fifteen).  But I can assure you at least the twelve that is healthy.

OHHH The Holidays!
G. Scott