I am walking to the scale, actually feeling confident for a change because my belt felt looser. I also am feeling good because other than a party day in Seattle with an old friend, I rocked out this past week.  I am so ready to hit an important milestone and brag to my lady and the blogosphere about my accomplishments. I take off the right amount of clothes to weigh myself , I step onto the scale… and wammo! I am the exact same weight. “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” (I actually yell a word that starts with an f)
Farm to Fit Italian Beef
Okay, dieting is a yo yo as crazy as when I am not dieting. But hey, I am doing it – the food tastes awesome – and I will win this challenge! I don’t blame the food, I blame the drink.  So I wish myself and all of us on a diet luck throughout the holidays!  I am sure I wont be losing any weight, but I just hope my gain is minimal!
Merry Xmas!
G. Scott

P.S. Now less than two months ’til I am forty… another ARGGGH that starts with an f!!!