Farm to Fit doesn’t have much in common with the traditional diet. Except that even healthy eating has its pros and cons. The benefits of seasonal harvest from local farms lie in ever-changing menus; Fruits and veggies that spring up and fade away like the NW sunshine lend themselves to variety in your daily meals.

Farmer's Market SquashThe downside, of course, is that at certain times of the year, the selection gets sparse. Now nearing the middle of January, the local choices are getting slim. However, they are still better than the crop yields last year. And we’re still excited about what we’ll be including in the menu for this month.

So for the rest of January you can be on the lookout for plenty of squash and kale. We’ll build a menu around turnips and other roots (I’ll sneak some salsify in there somewhere), leeks and arugula. At least until a freeze comes.

Happy healthy eating!

Chef Kevin and the Farm to Fit team