Chef Kevin Sandri

Here at Farm to Fit, we, like most Portlandians, are obsessed with Chef Kevin Sandri. He’s put low-calorie heart and soul into our menu from the beginning and we appreciate his hard work as much as our customers do. So this week we’re spot-lighting the cool cuisinier. Eat your hearts out!

Kevin loves this new dish: I’m into the pork chop with tomato marinade, and side of roasted brussels sprouts, apple, and pecan with balsamic vinegar. It just fits the season so well, and the tangy sweetness of the ingredients create big flavor all together. The salad inspired it, really; it’s a favorite in my family this time of year.

Farm to Fit is a family affair: My two-year-old loves the fava beans in the full, believe it or not. But the black beans from the huevos are a close second.

Italian habits die hard: My favorite things to eat off the menu are the lasagnas. That’s down home.

Kevin’s secret tip for making lasagna at home: When I make the marinara sauce for it, I toast smashed cloves of garlic in olive oil until they are very dark, then remove them before sweating the onion.

Now the next time you make lasagna you can tell your friends you got the recipe from the former Garden State chef, NBD. Cheers!