The weekend we’ve been waiting for has FINALLY arrived. Not only will it be around 80 degrees and sunny, but we’ll get to spend most of Saturday with our favorite city-dwellers and their favorite friends- their dogs! If you couldn’t tell, we are pretty excited to be part of The Oregon Humane Society’s Annual Doggie Dash.

Doggie Dash Donations

Image via OHS Doggie Dash

If you’ve already registered for the event, make sure to find our Good Buddy Vendor booth so you can score tasty treats for yourselves and your four-legged friends (don’t worry, the snacks are different for each of you ;)). Also, be sure to snap a few photos and send ‘em our way after the event so we can share some love on the blog! Otherwise, you can still donate online and take a sunny stroll down to the waterfront to catch a glimpse of the canine chaos that is sure to ensue.

Catch you there!