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How Can I Overcome The After Work Eating Binge After Doing So Well All Day?

How many times are you so pumped from how well you do all day with your eating, just to get home and raid all the covers and anything in sight?

I see that happen too often to many of our clients who are trying to lose weight but happen to be parents as well. Does this sounds familiar?  You finally get off work and by the time you drive home to get the kiddos and take them to practice, your hunger meter is all spiked up. You’ve  done well all day keeping your calories in check and you even went to the gym at lunchtime- but the pounds are not budging!!

How and What can you do today to combat this feeling of defeat?

The first thing to do is something everyone that starts any weight loss program hates doing—assess where they are at personally (mentally, emotionally and physically). I am very strict about getting our clients to complete our entry forms at the start of their weight loss journey because it reveals to me, and them, where they are mentally and emotionally. After all, weight loss is a very emotional process. Between the level of self esteem, grade of satisfaction and emotional attachment it has to someone or something once you embark, weight loss got to be a comprehensive and personal process.

Once you assess where you are, the next thing is to pick 2-3 things to tackle head on. Whichever it is, it can have drastic impact on your weight loss journey. One of the reason many of the New Year’s Resolutions fade out by first part of February is because they lack emotional attachment. Also, sometimes, people have very little to no willpower muscle to boost them long term.

Take a look at one of the primary tools I use with my clients at the beginning of every single coaching session:

Having a visual aide tool (as seen above) gives  clarity to respond and act instead of reacting in the dark (without any concise reasoning).

I tried counting calories and journaling more times that I can count–What is wrong with me?

You probably did set goals more times that you can count. And yes, likely, were not able to attained them for X or Y reason. So ,what is wrong with you? Absolutely nothing!!

You are likely missing 1 of 3 key pillars to getting a big boost to your weight loss confidence:

1. Knowledgeable assistance that can guide and provide you with the right answers/options when you get stuck.

2. Having a workable plan. This is one that I see 3 out of 5 clients coming in with. They get going with some green, kale, superfat loss smoothie because Jane at work did it and loss 50 pounds. The first thing I bring up is that whatever diet or workout video or goggle workout, they cannot do any cookie cutter for more than 20 some reasons that I will not mention here. So be sure that you pull and compile a weight loss program that works for you and your lifestyle pace.  “Be Yourself, Because Everyone Else is Taken”…

3. A support system that can evolve with you and be there for you. And I am not only talking the group in the basement of the church every weekday. I am referring to the kids knowing that you are working at this. Letting your spouse or partner know the emotional support you will like to get from them during this journey.

As you can see there are quite a few legs to get your weight loss program on the runaway.

But no matter what,  do not be discouraged. You deserve to lose weight, you deserve to physically feel amazing and you deserve to mentally enjoy peace of mind.  If you do not believe you deserve to enjoy a better state of life, then I encourage you to reconsider-perhaps call a friend or even me and set a time to chat about it.

I am not a dreamer, I am an optimist that truly believes in the potential and the special gift that you have to offer to today’s world. However, in order to be able to deliver this gift, you need to feel good and ready. By taken a step, just one step, will prove you that you wants things to get moving again.




In Healthy Spirits,

J.Carlos Valdes


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