Hi Farm to Fitters!

We at Farm to Fit are soaking up these hot days and hope you are too! Our next delivery day, Friday 8/17, is supposed to be extra hot so we would like to make some adjustments.

If you are receiving your delivery at:

  • a pick up location (Vancouver included)
  • office
  • apartment/condo building

expect your delivery as usual.

If we are delivering to a house, and leaving your meals outside your door, expect your delivery after 7:00 pm.

Beautiful Sun Casting Over OceanIf for any reason, this causes an inconvenience (are you going out of town? out for the night? Etc.?) please let us know and we will make adjustments as needed.

We appreciate your patience with us as we make sure your meals beat the heat!

Thank you, as always, for your loyalty. We love our Farm to Fit clients!!