We’ve got some big time changes happening here at Farm to Fit and we are excited to share them with you!  


We are changing our delivery days from Tuesday and Friday to Monday and Thursday.  This change takes effect Monday 6/23.  Don’t worry, we will send you reminders about this as the time approaches.  This means three things for you:

1)      Leave you cooler bags out for us a day early!  (We’ll remind you for the first couple of weeks)

2)      Your billing cycle will move up a day (for example, if you were billed on Tuesdays, you will now be billed on Mondays)…this will take effect over time, so don’t be concerned if you still see the pending charge on Tuesday/Friday

3)      Your order change deadlines will move up.   So, to reorder for a new week OR to change your recurring order we will need to know by Thursdays at 9:00pm (for a Monday delivery) and Sunday at 9:00pm for a Thursday delivery.

We know this is a pretty big transition (it definitely is for us!).  All this is to be able to bring you a fresher, better product —  so we are hoping you will be excited about this change as we are!  If you have any questions OR if this delivery schedule change is going to affect you receiving deliveries just let us know and let’s work it out together! 

Friday 6/20 (you will receive Saturday, Sunday, Monday meals or just Monday meals if you are on the 5 day plan)

Monday 6/23 (you will receive Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday meals)

Thursday 6/26 (you will receive Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday meals or Fri & Mon meals for the 5 day plan)



G. Scott and I are thrilled to be welcoming our newest member of the Farm to Fit Team: Baby Girl Pierce due in July!   You probably have already started receiving various emails from Ashley…she’s come on board as our Client Specialist to make sure you are taken care of!  She will be sending out renewal emails, taking care of billing, submitting your order changes and ensuring you get exactly what you ordered!  She can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected] .    BUT you can’t get rid of me that easily, I am still around and available if there is anything you need.  So don’t hesitate to email me !

G. Scott and I have a lot of new things in the works and we are really excited to get them rolling this summer, specifically:

1) The option to select certain dishes from our Signature menu (anyone know a great computer guru for our back end systems?)

2) We have hired a new sous chef, Joy Ross (formerly of Tasty and Son’s and Tasty and Alder), to help us with a dessert and snack menu.

3) We are currently creating our summer menu with so many new fresh veggies…we are so excited to bring this to you


We appreciate your loyalty and look forward to continuing to serve you.  If there is anything we can ever do for you, don’t hesitate to email or call.

Thank you!!!   Dre