If weight loss is your goal, eating less is probably your best bet.  The New York Times just published an article citing studies that suggest exercise doesn’t necessarily lead to weight loss.  It’s an interesting twist in the world of dieting, as it seems like “EXERCISE” has been pounded into our heads as the key to dropping pounds.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt and obviously helps keep weight off – as long as the calories you’ve expended are greater than the calories you’ve consumed.  Story short: exercise alone will not save the day, nor will it even make a dent in your waistline if that equation gets reversed.  The article made a good point – that on average, most people don’t maintain a daily exercise routine long-term, and even those who do are not burning as many calories as they may think.  For example, a 30 minute run may burn 350 calories.  The same amount of calories could easily be cut from one’s diet by eliminating 2 sodas (or beers – hey, we do live in Portland) per day.  The advantage of cutting the calories vs.  burning them stems from the fact that most people don’t exercise due to lack of time.  Making better dietary choices, and consuming less can be a challenge of it’s own, but it is definitely more efficient!

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Easy Ways to Cut Calories EVERY DAY!

1. Keep a Food Journal – Keeping track of what you ingest daily can help you find tangible, realistic places where you can cut back. Track down your calorie intake, as well as total number of fats, carbohydrates, and protein. Don’t forget to include condiments, beverages, sauces, and even ‘tastes’!

2. Avoid a SEE-food diet – Although it may be tempting to grab sweets and fatty foods on your next grocery trip, take a closer look at the nutritional value that these foods have to offer. The less junk, the better in the long-run. However, we can’t help but to indulge in our not-so-guilty dessert pleasures every once and awhile.

3.  Use the Proper Plate Method – Fill half your plate with fresh veggies, a quarter with protein, and a quarter with whole grains.  This will keep you full while reducing the amount of calories consumed compared to a plate full of starches and grains. Our low-calorie meal plans offers a selection of pre-portioned goodness to help you keep on track to cutting calories.

4. Downsize Your Dishes – On a 12- to 14-inch dinner plate, it does not look like you’re eating enough. Shrinking down to a 8- to 10-inch plate will help ensure that you aren’t overeating.

5. Eat Breakfast! – People who eat breakfast have lower BMI’s and consume fewer calories per day than those who don’t. In a recent study, people who ate breakfast as their largest meal lost almost 18 pounds across three months. Those who consumed more at dinner than any other meal only lost approximately 7 pounds in those three months.

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