In our approach to the new gluten intolerant and diabetic friendly menus we are focusing on refinement. We are also working on being conscious that even the clients that don’t have these restrictions are, as all of us, at risk of developing these problems if attention to consumption isn’t closely monitored. Part of our goal is to alleviate that concern and create the various programs with the aforementioned glycemic index/load in mind, as well as limit or eliminate the glutens as much as possible. Some studies suggest that our bodies don’t need glutens for any part of our continued health.

The biggest task here, for us, are breads. G and I are southern boys and grew up with biscuits, cornbread and sandwiches as staples of our diets. We are searching and sampling bakeries near and far to find product that satisfy us before we introduce them to our clients. It may turn out that we abandon a lot of bread simply due to our own pickiness and work in our kitchen on developing our own recipes to meet the standards of ourselves and the high expectations of our client base.

Some of you may not know this but we eat our own product and discuss it. And, G (like the guy from hair club) is not just the president, but a client.