I’m attempting to move the entire approach at Farm to Fit in an even healthier direction by conducting more research and recipe creation using a formula involving the glycemic index and load.

My mother is an insulin dependant diabetic and through some pleading coercion, I’ve been able to help her take a healthier approach to eating without so many dos and don’ts in her meal planning and certainly no sacrifice of flavor.

Simply meeting a caloric target number isn’t enough, nor is the mere addition or subtraction of sugars/carbs.

It’s important to note that the variations of sugars all react differently in the body. Significance should also be placed on making sure you are loading and unloading sugars in a proportionate and timely manner.

Shifting your diet to amplify your health doesn’t have to hurt or leave a bad taste in your mouth (pun intended). We are constantly working to improve Farm to Fit for our clients, trying to meet their needs without making their palate suffer and hopefully having them look forward to their next meal with us.