Wondering, “are short workouts effective?” They sure are! With busy lifestyles taking up most of the day, it’s easy to let exercise fall off our to-do list. However, shorter workouts deliver the many benefits of longer sessions, like improved cardiovascular flow, weight loss, muscle gain and mental health improvement.

Multiple short workouts can be as effective, if not more effective, than longer duration workouts. Recent studies have also shown that you can reap the benefits of short high-intensity interval training , or HIIT, workouts in as little as two weeks. 

How are short workouts effective?

HIIT improves cardiovascular flow and muscle mass as much as a steady-paced cardio workout in as little as ⅓ the amount of time. Rather than stressing to find time for a 45-minute jog, find 15 minutes for a HIIT workout to boost your metabolism, raise your body’s fat burning power and burn more calories in less time.

Another benefit of short workouts: your body is less likely to fall into starvation mode, or the ‘I earned it’ mindset we often develop after working out for a long time. If you tend to reward yourself with high-calorie food after sweating it out, you’ll often find yourself in a weight loss plateau, or even gain weight back. By doing a shorter, more efficient workout, you may not get the same “feed me now” feeling, allowing you to stay on track with your diet and caloric intake.

Studies have also shown that high intensity interval training helps control blood sugar levels, and may suppress your appetite, while steady-state cardio can increase hunger! 

By taking just 15 to 30 minutes a day to workout, you’ll stick to your workout routine with more consistency. It also helps you push your excuses not to exercise out the window! Rest assured: a shorter workout is worth it.

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