Farm to Fit Friends,  


We have been making extra meals every week to help support our  Farm to Fit family, friends, and neighbors.    In order to help as many people as possible, when they need it, we have made extra meals available for last minute ordering. 


If anyone needs to supplement their regular order and/or bypass our usual deadline to have our meals delivered to you (or picked up) let us know!


If you or a friend/neighbor are in need of meals,  we can deliver them to you on Wednesday or you can pick them up at our kitchen  any time. 




Here is what we have available for the Wednesday 4/12 delivery, all at the 1200 calorie level:



Farm to Fit’s Grainless Granola 12 oz. Bag $10.00

 Nossa Familia Coffee-Teodoro’s Italian Roast Coffee, Ground 12 oz. Bag $14.00

Andouille Hash (BP, P, NS, Soy)


Tandoori Chicken with saffron mash & snap peas (C, NS, D, Nuts)


French Onion Chicken: chicken thigh, gruyere, celery root mash, peas (D)


Pork Tenderloin: dried cherry sauce, smoked chile yam gratin, minted snap pea (P)




These are available on a first come first serve basis.  Just email us with the meal  and the quantity you would like ([email protected] / 503-688-9248)