October 22nd and October 25th Deliveries

Sunday, October 22nd




  • Braised Beef & Seasonal Forage Beef Mushrooms Dairy Pork

    with mushrooms, asparagus, bacon & snap peas

  • Calabrian Shrimp & Pasta Shellfish Gluten Intolerant Peppers Spicy Dairy

    with spicy tomato sauce, linguine noodles, caponata vegetables & butter beans

  • Austrian Jager Schnitzel Mushrooms Spicy Dairy Pork Fish

    with pork schnitzel, red wine sauce, wild mushrooms, braised red cabbage & Lyonnaise potatoes

  • Lasagna Family Dinner! Spicy Pork Dairy Gluten Intolerant

    This Family Dinner is intended to feed 4-5 people (or just you with leftovers!) and is made with Italian sausage, ricotta, mozzarella & parmesan cheeses. Served in a half pan and ready to go directly into your oven. Pro-tip: Order an extra to freeze!
    * This meal does not follow our specialty diets, but we want to offer it to everyone! (Specialty diets include: Whole30, Keto, Diabetes Friendly, BOOST and Paleo diets)
    * Lasagna is served “as is”: allergens/special requests cannot be accommodated

  • Signature F2F Impossible Burger Nuts Gluten Intolerant Soy

    with vegan cheese, sweet potato jojos & whole wheat bun

  • Signature Beef Bolognese Beef Gluten Intolerant Dairy Pork Fish

    with fettuccine & chef's vegetable

  • Signature Grilled Rockfish Spicy Fish Peppers

    with merchanos potatoes & 'almost' ratatouille

Wednesday, October 25th




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