Providing a healthy balanced meal for your student is very important. However at the rapid rate your child is growing it is likely that they will need some snacks to get them through the day. Below are three healthy snacks to send in your student’s lunch.

Veggie Pack It

Let’s face it, your little darling may have many admirable qualities, but when it comes to their meals, most kids like to eat things that are easy. Take some time in the beginning of the week to pre cut and pack veggie bags for an easy grab and go snack. Dress up your veggies with some fun ideas such as a nut butter boat or a veggie skateboard.

Trail Mix Assortment of Almonds, Walnuts and CranberriesGo Nuts

There have been many studies that show the benefits of nuts. If your school allows nuts, it pack this protein rich treat sure to appease any growing appetite. Feeling a little boring with the same old bag of almonds? Try a healthy nut snack such as this nut snack bar.


Something Sweet

Candy, cookies, fruit snacks, you name it, kids want it. It’s likely that your student gets enough of this as it is, try to supplement their sweet tooth with their favorite fruits. Spice things up with this fun fruit necklace or a caterpillar kebab.
Having trouble packing your own lunch? We are here for you. Let Farm to Fit give you the perfect balanced meals so you can focus your efforts on your youngster.