Fall is upon us, believe it or not!  And though we’ll be enjoying sunny, 85 degree days for another few weeks, we are entering that time of year when things start to slow down, and we have the space to collect ourselves and refocus our energies.  Fall is the perfect season to create new goals, try something new, and let go of that which no longer serves. I spent the morning with NASM certified personal trainer Emily Strome of Last V Fitness, who has some tips for those of you who want to focus on getting fit this Fall!

Rachael: “What are your recommendations for starting a workout routine, and keeping it?”

Emily: “Creating sources of accountability is imperative. For some people that means setting an alarm on their phone, or writing it in on their calendar/to-do list.  For others, it’s taking a class at a gym or having a personal trainer – something that commits you to being there at a certain time. ”

R:  “What’s the best plan of action for a beginner?”

E:  “I’d recommend taking a fitness class.  That way you get help learning the movements and good form in an environment that ensures safety.  A class is also good because you will learn exercises that you can use to eventually build your own workouts.”

R: “How often should workouts be?”

E:  “I think it’s important to do something active every day.  But, in terms of a higher intensity workout – you’ll get the best results if done 3-4 times a week.  And, what I mean by high intensity– is giving your max effort intermittently for the duration of the workout, taking short rest times between exercises.  This style of workout increases both your anaerobic and aerobic endurance. Ideally, a high intensity workout should last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour -including warm up and cool down.”

R:  “Is it really necessary to warm up and cool down?”

E:  “I think a good warm up is key to a good workout  – it prepares your muscles and mind for what you’re going to ask them to do, which will determine how hard they will push through something that is uncomfortable.  Same thing with a cool down – it’s not just about stretching out your muscles, but mentally appreciating your body and mind – which I think is important for maintaining a sustainable workout routine.”

R:  “What is a sample workout you would give someone in moderately good shape, that they’d be able to do on their own, without any gym equipment?”

E:  “For the warm-up:  Lie on back and hug knees to chest, rock side to side.  Then, 30 seconds of glute bridges,  30 second heel tapping, and 30 second butterfly crunches.”

E:  “Then for the actual workout portion complete these moves for one minute each.  Rest for 10 seconds in between.  Repeat 4-5 times.”

Forward Lunge to Twist – alternating sides (1 min)

Peels to Push-up (1 min)

Duck Under to Cross Crawl (opposite knee, opposite elbow) (1 min)

Side plank – reach under and over (30 sec. each side)

Cool Down:  “Lie on back, hug knees to chest, rock side to side.  Spinal twist on each side. Figure 4 stretch on each side.”

Thank you again, Emily, for this great warm-up and full-workout routine! You can add these exercises to your cardio day, after a running or biking. For the best results, perform these exercises 3-4 times a week. For more fitness and healthy eating tips, visit our Farm to Fit blog.