Portland 3 Month Weight Loss Journey {Week 10}

Hey Farm to Fitters!

I’m feeling particularly great this morning because I stepped on the scale and lost another pound! After my lazy scoundrel week (last week), I got my act together and exercised a little bit more. I’m still not feeling the whole gym class thing, but I made it to yoga, bought a Fit Bit, and began walking a LOT more.

No matter how great and healthy this Farm to Fit food is, my body seems to really need that movement and exercise to keep losing or else I seem to plateau.

I’m Feeling:

Losing 8 pounds is a BIG deal to me! In fact I’m not even sure I’ve lost 8 pounds in one chunk of time before…so this feels like a big deal to me.

I’m fitting into all my old jeans that I simply couldn’t fit into prior to starting this journey. I’m looking forward to losing these last 2 pounds so that I can hit my round number (10 pounds), but I’m very happy with where I’m at right now. Thank you Farm to Fit!!

Goal for this week:

  • Have at least 2 days where I hit my 10,000 steps a day goal (tracked by my Fit Bit)
  • Lose another pound!

Farm to Fit Plan: 7 days at 1200 calories

Weight Lost: 8 pounds

Weight to lose to reach goal: 2 pounds!!

Weeks Left to Reach Goal: 3

XO, Anna