The 7 Top Tips to Set and Achieve Your Goals

Smart ways to beat burnout

It’s been a hell of a year. While everyone’s 2020 was a different ride, it’s safe to say things last year didn’t go according to plan.

With New Years celebrations over and done, we’re well into the first week of resolution season. If you’re starting a new adventure in self-improvement like us, you might already be worried about things not “going to plan” again. 

Fret no more, we’re here to set you up for success with 7 tips to set and achieve your goals in the new year. 


Set a manageable timeframe to track your goals
Three weeks, a month, 90 days — whatever fits your goal best. Just make sure it’s a length of time you can keep track of. Experts say it takes 21 days for a new habit to form, and six months for it to become a part of your personality. Many of us learned last year just how quick three weeks can go by, use that to your advantage!
Write your goals out

Writing things down on paper makes them tangible, but it also activates key centers of your mind that are linked to learning and both conscious and unconscious thought formation. That means you’re more likely to remember the things you write down and commit them to yourself.

Write down your goals, your plan to achieve them, and the benefits of those goals, then hang them somewhere you’ll see them in your daily life or keep them on your person. That way you’ll have an easy-to-turn-to resource for days your willpower is struggling.

Plan ahead

Preparation is the bane of the unexpected. If you take the time to account for potential difficulties along your way to achieve your set goals, you save yourself hours of panic and brainstorming to solve in the moment. Even if the issue isn’t something you’ve explicitly planned for, like suddenly not being able to go to the gym, you’ll already have alternative options to base your next move off of.

Create an accountability network
Community, it turns out, is important. Sharing your goals and motivations with your friends, family, or neighbors can keep you honest with yourself. Find people who will support your decision to improve your life creates a safety net and an outside source of accountability. Better yet, find someone with the same goals as you, and keep each other on track.Only you can achieve your goals, but you can’t do it alone.
Track your successes, not your failures
Break down your goal into smaller increments that you can use to track your progress. Think about how good it feels to check something off of your to-do list, and how each checkmark makes the next task seem less intimidating. Reward yourself for each task completed and keep a record.
One day at a time

Today is the tomorrow you were so afraid of yesterday, and you are still here. Setting personal goals and achieving them is a difficult process, but some days will always be more difficult than others. Just remember that if you don’t feel or see the results you’re looking for right away, you’re on the right path if you’re making an effort every day.

Forgive yourself for slip-ups

Remind yourself to be kind to yourself, as dwelling on mistakes can be infinitely more damaging to your goals than the mistakes themselves. Failure is essential to success, but it means you have to pick yourself up and keep going!


Final Thoughts

Don’t set resolutions this year. Make a plan to know, believe in, and achieve your goals.

Whether it’s improved health, relationships, finances, or inner peace, the best way to make personal progress is the same: be as honest and forgiving with yourself as you would with the people you love.

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