Fall in Oregon has to be the prettiest season (yeah, we said it). The changing colors, football spirit and inviting temperatures make for the most enjoyable of times. But do you know what will make this Fall different from all of the rest? Getting healthy once and for all. Not convincing enough? See below:

1. It’s been beautiful in Portland, OR. The cool air and sunny days are welcoming to outside activity.

2. The Holidays are coming, faster than you think. Prep for the temptations by developing healthy habits now.

3. Some great local produce is filtering through. Need suggestions? Click here.

4. Darker days help you to get those much needed Zs, just don’t oversleep the alarm!

5. Boost your immune system with a healthy diet and ward off those all too common autumn colds.

6. Fall is a busy time for all, having a healthy lifestyle will add the extra energy you need.

7. Because realistically you can find reasons to get healthy every season, we just encourage you to START NOW.