It can be hard to find ways to stay fit with your kids that are enjoyable for both them and you! But, in order to build healthy habits, kids need to learn how to live an active lifestyle from a young age… And as their biggest role model, what you do matters too! Next time you need to get the family moving, try one of these tips!

1. Create a family fitness challenge

Stay healthy and share a cool reward together! There are apps that can track a team fitness challenge, but for smaller kids without phones, it can be something as simple as ‘if everyone moves for 20 minutes a day this week, we’ll have an ice cream sundae party!” Kids learn more from positive reinforcement, and sharing a goal means everyone is invested. 

2. Find cool parks and hikes near your home. 

Make it a goal to go to one new park a month. Whether it’s a city, state or even national park, by spicing up your hikes, you can find new favorite spots. Not sure where to start? Check out this list from The Oregonian

3. Check out all-ages yoga or meditation classes. 

Mental health is linked with our physical health. Promote mindfulness with an age-friendly class at a nearby studio or community center- here’s a good list for nearby studios! Or practice at home with our personal fave, Yoga with Adriene.

4. Have a family dance party

Get your groove on to burn calories and make everyone feel great! Turn on your favorite tunes for 15 minutes and dance with the kids- you can even work in exercises like squats, or arm raises. The only rule: don’t stop moving! 

5. Make family meals a priority

A survey found that nine to 14-year-olds who ate dinner with their families consumed more fruits and vegetables and less soda and fried foods than those who ate alone. They also ate higher amounts of essential nutrients, like fiber, calcium and iron. The survey’s lead researcher, Matthew W. Gillman, MD, added that family dinners allow for both “discussions of nutrition and provision of healthful foods.” 

If you have trouble finding the time to cook a family dinner, why not grab some extra meals for this week? Let your kids try new, exciting veggie-packed dinners, while you enjoy their company. ORDER NOW