About five years ago, the Swedish concept of hygge, the ultimate level of winter cosiness, took off across the world. And sure, we all need to throw on some leggings and listen to a podcast once in a while. Yet, there are lots of other Scandinavian words to apply to your well-being!

Here are some revolutionary ideas from the ‘happiest people on earth.’

Koselig ( “koosh-lee”): Hygge’s Norwegian equal, but in your social world.

In a Norwegian home, an essential to having koselig is “an open fire” for sharing with your friends and family. Studies have show spending time with other people increases serotonin and dopamine levels, so use koselig to boost your mood! Don’t have a wood stove? No problem. Get Koselig by playing board games with friends, sharing a meal with family or reading before bed.

Scandinavian words friends talking koselig Farm to Fit

Lagom (“laaaw-gum”): the Swedish concept of “not too much, not too little.”

Live your life in moderation: enjoy yourself while staying healthy and content at the same time. Set a bedtime, enjoy a glass of wine with a friend after work, or make 15 minutes to stretch in the morning.

Köpskam (“Koop-scam”): shame when you don’t take ecological responsibility for buying excessive quantities of clothes.

Kopskam asks us to be aware of the levels of pollution from buying new clothes or fast fashion. In the face of a climate crisis, it’s not surprsiing that second-hand clothes have made a comeback. Instead of heading to H&M, check out eco-friendly fashion on sites like thredup or poshmark.

Plogging: (pl-og-ing): picking up litter while jogging.

Plogging took off in Sweden three years ago. since then, it’s spread across the world. Clubs have even begun, like the UK-based Coastal Striders above . So roll up your sleeves, put on some gloves and do double duty cleaning up the planet while getting exercise and fresh air!

Umage (pronounced “oo-may”): to make a bit more effort.

Umage is about pushing yourself to be proactive. Take charge- don’t wait for life to come to you! Make that workout schedule, schedule a time to talk to your boss about a raise, or get your order in for this week’s healthy, tasty meals.