Our Favorite Spring Dishes

Our love affair with spring continues this month…sorry not sorry! Local farmers and producers are really delivering the best of the season these days, and we wanted to highlight a few of the *especially* mouthwatering dishes featured on our new menu. Dive on in!
Honey Glazed Salmon Salad

Honey Glazed Salmon Salad

For this fresh and hearty salad, we’ve paired thin-sliced salmon with a honey-pepper bacon cure (because you can never get enough bacon, right?) and heirloom beluga lentils, which provide a meaty, earthy punch against the subtle sweet of the salmon and the acid of the vinaigrette. Perfection!

Shrimp Arrabbiata

Shrimp Arrabbiata

The sauce for this pasta dish comes from an old Italian recipe and features garlic and chili peppers roasted in olive oil. Paired with shrimp, zucchini, and fennel to round out the heat, this dish offers a delicious low-calorie protein source.

Braised Beef + Spring Forage

Braised Beef + Spring Forage

This is our twist on a traditional French dish called boeuf daube Provençal. We braise the beef with dried wild mushrooms like chanterelles and hens of the woods, then add fresh spring veggies like asparagus, spring onions, and new potatoes at the end to maintain their crispness.

Bruschetta Chicken

Bruschetta Chicken

A low-carb bruschetta? That’s right! We took the traditional grilled tomatoes and balsamic reduction that we all love and scattered it across a chicken breast instead of bread. We serve it alongside a northern Italian-inspired white bean, roasted pepper & wilted wild arugula salad. You won’t even miss the bread!



Say Hello to Byron!


Meet Farm to Fit’s Client Specialist, Byron Roberts! Byron grew up in a small town outside Kansas City, Missouri. He started traveling at the age of 22 and has lived in NYC, Hawaii, Catalina Island, and the Caribbean!

Byron grew up in the food industry and has always had a passion for customer service. In addition to supporting the needs of Farm to Fit customers, he enjoys swimming in the ocean, reading sci-fi or murder mysteries, hiking in the PNW, and new whiskey tastings. Cheers!

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