Whether for business or pleasure, going on a trip makes it tricky to stay fit.

Here are our 13 healthy travel tips to keep your goals in sight no matter where you go! 

1. Pick a walkable…or bikeable vacation.

A trip to a city with great walkable destinations isn’t just more green: it can help you burn off the calories of all your rich vacation meals! Or travel by bike- our dream cycle vacation spot is Amsterdam, where the canals, bridges and narrow roads make biking the ideal way to get around. 

farm to fit amsterdam bike vacation 2. Bring a water bottle (duh!)

Drink it before airport security, then fill up at the gate- it’s a proven fact flying dries your body out… And when you’re dehydrated, you’re more likely to overeat to compensate.

3. Stock up on snacks before you reach the airport. 

Not only are they expensive, airports aren’t known for a wide range of healthy, natural food. Our faves to pack are nuts, jerky, apples, celery and carrots (for shorter trips), protein bars and gum to help those ears pop!

4. Sleep, sleep and sleep! But don’t mess with your jet lag.

Getting eight hours has been shown to decrease our appetite and increase energy for all our fun vacation hangs. Don’t forget a sleep mask, headphones and pillow so that you don’t get stuck up all night on the plane listening to your neighbor snore or blinded by a streetlight outside your Airbnb window. That being said, if you arrive mid day– try to keep yourself up until bedtime! It’s tempting to take a nap in a new time zone, but keep in mind any potential insomnia that could mess up your circadian rhythm.

5. Live like a local. 

Regional restaurants keep calories, salt and fats lower than big chains. Research healthy options before you go so you can have a list of good places to dine once you start getting hungry.

6. Hit the farmer’s market…

 or neighborhood grocery store for affordable, fresh breakfasts and snacks that showcase the region’s local flavor. 

7. Stick to your exercise routines… And make them exciting in your new locale! 

With online videos, specialty fitness class apps for any major city and packable gear, there’s no excuse not to exercise on the road. If you aren’t getting steps in on vacation, consider renting active equipment, like kayaks or paddle boards, or signing up for a nearby workout class. If it’s a work trip, make sure you have a hotel gym or or one nearby with guest passes that you can pop by before you head out for the day. 

8. Do in-transit stretches. 

Here are four that are easy to do on a plane, train, maybe even automobile, and will keep your blood flowing. 

9. Wear SPF 50…. At least!

 Not only are sunburns painful, every one increases your chances of skin cancer. Make sure to reapply every couple hours or if you’re going in and out of the water! 

10. Take your time exploring and conserve your energy! 

Pick one or two major activities per day, sandwiched in between meals and ideally in the same neighborhood, so you can walk, refuel and enjoy!

11. Stave off sickness. 

Bring Vitamin C supplements, hand sanitizer and where necessary, a water filtration system- LifeStraw is a super compact option! 

12.Pack probiotics.

Unfamiliar food and drinks can mess with anyone’s belly, so make sure you’re getting good bacteria in your gut each day. Put them out where you won’t forget to take them. 

 13. Don’t forget to pause your Farm to Fit subscription for the week! 

Sticking around? Even though you’re close to home, you can enjoy global flavors, like the Shashuka above, in your Farm to Fit delivery this week.