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    What we’re hearing…

    “Over the last 10 years I’ve tried so many different fresh and frozen meal delivery services that I’ve lost track. The meals you are providing are so superior that it puts them all to shame.  For most I feel like I’m eating at one of my favorite restaurants.  I’ve actually stopped mid-meal more than once and thought, how in the world are they able to do this!”

    Testimonial by: David

    “After a year of using your services, my mom is off of insulin. Her doctor’s said it couldn’t be done. Good job! Thanks again!”

    Testimonial by: Maria

    “I am so excited to see what is in my bag every delivery!  Signing up with you all has been such a quality of life boost for me.  It alleviates so much stress and frees up so much of my time.  I have a very intense athletic                  schedule and I always know that I am going to have nourishing meals from you all.”

    Testimonial by: Megan

    “Your customer service is fabulous- fast and you get it right all the time!”

    Testimonial by: Alice

    “Thank you Farm to Fit! I have lost another 12lbs! The only thing I have changed is eating your food…I have lost a total of 27 POUNDS because of you!”

    Testimonial by: Mara

    “The number one thing I am thankful for in 2012 is Farm to Fit, I’ve lost 43 pounds as of this morning. I’m delving deep into my skinnier wardrobe. I’m loving the food and never want to stop using you as my personal chef — even beyond dieting.”

    Testimonial by: Wendy

    “I am loving the meals! Everything is so good and I’m trying and enjoying things I’ve never tried before. Eating is fun again!”

    Testimonial by: C.P.

    “The Farm to Fit food tastes amazing. The variety of food makes it easy to stay on the program. The service is great with fresh food delivered to my home twice a week. I not only feel great but I am also achieving my weight and wellness goals.”

    Testimonial by: Lori H.

    “We received our first order yesterday and started on the meals today. WOW, just wow. Excellent quality and flavor meals. Great variety. Hats off to the Chef and meal planners. So glad we found you!”

    Testimonial by: DH

    My wife and I have really enjoyed Farm to Fit. The meals are fresh, healthy, and best of all delicious. Plus, the meals have been instrumental in getting both of us to lose some unwanted pounds.”


    Testimonial by: Drew P.

    “Hit a new low! (And in this game, it’s a good thing!) Food continues to be delicious. Thank you everyone! We’re down 70 pounds in four months! Feeling healthier every day!”

    Testimonial by: MH

    “The Farm to Fit Program has been an incredible addition to my day-to-day life. With a busy work schedule, the time I have gained from not having to plan, shop and prepare meals on my own has been a gift. Better yet, the freshness, quality and variety of each meal is great. And in just three weeks, the overall benefit of eating healthy food, on a reliable schedule, has already improved my metabolism, energy level and pant size!”

    Testimonial by: Jennifer P.

    “After months and months of struggling between diet and the gym, my trainer suggested I try Farm to Fit, and it is one of the best things I have ever done. It has now been just over two months and Farm to Fit continues to deliver a great variety of fresh, healthy and delicious meals. And even better, I have lost seven pounds thanks to Farm to Fit and Crystal, my trainer!”

    Testimonial by: Dan H.

    “We are loving Farm to Fit. Both my husband and I work full time in high stress roles and we have a 2 year old son who we like to spend as much time as possible with when we can. We have zero family in town, so no real support. Farm to Fit has enabled us to get the healthy and balanced meals we desire and has also given us hours of free time to do what matters most in life – spend time with our son. We are SO grateful.”

    Testimonial by: Christine

    “I have been eating and enjoying Farm to Fit food for over 3 months now. I love good quality food and this was something very important to me…and of course flavor. I have not been disappointed with either. Any request or suggestion has been implemented and all deliveries prompt. All this for a wonderful price.”

    Testimonial by: V.Z.

    “I really love this food! It’s perfect to be eating real, fresh food. With the great variety, I don’t miss eating out at all (which I can still do in my 2 off-days). And I feel like my diet is back into a nutritional balance I never had on my own… The food is delicious and I’ve lost 10 pounds!”

    Testimonial by: W.B.

    “Of course my favorite subject with these Best Bets is food related. My tip of the month Farm to Fit. You always hear about my new favorite places to eat, well at this point it has become our own dining room table thanks to Farm to Fit. When I first read about them on a blog they were referred to as the delicious, local alternative to Jenny Craig. What do I love? Incredible meals delivered to our front door twice a week (we’re on the 5 day plan so 3 meals arrive on Tuesday afternoon and 2 more on Friday). I was telling my niece Sarah about the scrumptious meals one night while the two of us were dining at one of NW 23rd’s finest restaurants. Sarah asked what the meals were like my response was that they are just like the nummy dinner we’re eating tonight.”

    Testimonial by: B.R.