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    Stolen packages? Problem solved!

    by G. Scott Brown
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    We have fallen in love with this product and have to tell you all about it!

    The Landport is a revolutionary new lockbox that secures your packages while you’re away.  Delivery drivers just enter a code and place your packages in your Landport for you to retrieve at your convenience.  Now, while we love this for all your Farm to Fit cooler bags, of course, its also really easy to communicate your code to any delivery company.   With 3 different sizes and 5 different colors, there is an option for everyone.

    The best part?  Homegrown right here in Portland!

    Check out more information here.  


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  • Jan

    KGW’s Portland Today (and Every Day!)

    by G. Scott Brown
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    We got a special visit from Cassidy Quinn with KGW’s Portland Today to talk about our Valentine’s Day Dinner, what exactly we do here at Farm to Fit, and what it takes to deliver over 10,000 meals per month to your doors!

    Learn more about what we do and see us in action!

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  • Jan

    6th Annual Valentine’s Day Dinner Delivered To Your Door!

    by G. Scott Brown
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    Our 6th Annual Valentine’s Day Dinner

    Every Valentine’s Day we forgo the calorie counting and create a decadent fine dining meal for two.  For $100*, you and your sugar can avoid the hassle of going out to dinner on one of the busiest nights of the year and enjoy a quiet dinner at home.

    Our Chefs have created this decadent menu for 2017

    To Begin~

    Duck Confit Ravioli with Tarragon & Pistachio Brown Butter

    To Follow~

    Baby Beet Leaf & Wild Greens with Pomegranate Arils, Dungeness Crab Meat & Yuzu-Champagne Vinaigrette


    Twin Pan-seared Beef Tenderloin Steaks with Cognac-Pink Peppercorn Demiglace, Butter-poached Fingerling Potatoes & Petite Haricots Verts


    Coquilles St. Jacques—Scallops in Cognac Cream with Roast Cremini & Gruyere—with Poached Asparagus & Baguette

    To Finish~

    Triple Chocolate Brownie with Bourbon-Pecan Caramel Sauce & White Chocolate Coeur

    Order Here or Contact Us with any Questions!

    The Details

    • Meals are delivered in a Farm to Fit Cooler Bag between 2:00-6:00 on Tuesday, February 14th and can be re-heated in the oven upon arrival.
    • Regular delivery charges apply, within our delivery zone or pick up locations.
    • For non-current clients, there will be a $20 refundable cooler deposit. You can either transfer the meals out of the cooler when we arrive or return it to 5411 NE Portland Highway, 97218 at your convenience


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  • Nov

    Farm to Fit’s 5th Birthday!

    by G. Scott Brown
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    Farm to Fit’s 5th Birthday: 



    Proud to Be Leading the Way for Local “Farm to Home” Healthy Eating 


    Today, is Farm to Fit’s 5th Birthday! 

    As a small business, we appreciate how hard it is to launch a start-up and we are so proud of how far we’ve come in this community. 

    Because of superior customer service and a growing demand for fresh, healthy, gourmet, local, portioned, meal delivery in the Pacific Northwest, Farm to Fit has grown at 100 percent every year. We’re thrilled to be a part of the “farm to table” community and especially grateful for our relationships with local farmers, suppliers and purveyors.

    Back on November 1, 2011, Farm to Fit owners, G. Scott Brown and Dre Slaman made their first Farm to Fit meal delivery to 7 customers. They were working out of a 500-square-foot shared kitchen with one chef. Aside from the actual cooking, Brown and Slaman did everything else; prepping, taking orders, deliveries, washing dishes, marketing, connecting with farmers and suppliers . . . even taking out the trash each day!  

    This year, Farm to Fit moved into a 3,600-square-foot, custom commercial kitchen. And, today, we have a staff of 18 employees: 1 executive chef, 1 sous chef, 4 cooks, 1 prep person, 8 packagers and delivery drivers, 1 customer specialist , and 2 office managers. 

    We now serve 275 clients each week.  Our new kitchen in Northeast Portland gives us the ability to accommodate even more Pacific Northwest customers — we’re now delivering all the way down to Salem.  In 2016, we also launched a successful Vegetarian Menu and gave our clients the opportunity to manage their meal selections with our popular Signature Dish Menu. 

    Farm to Fit continues it’s active role in our Portland community. Each week, Urban Gleaners collects our edible, surplus food that would otherwise be thrown away. The non-profit redistributes the food to agencies feeding families and children. We also have a relationship with Care Oregon,  supporting their Food Rx program and their effort to use nutrition as a tool to speed up recovery for patients throughout the city. We love to donate meals to local schools and non-profits who make Portland great.

    Keep a look out for even more new and exciting things from Farm To Fit!  We are doing exactly what we set out to do – creating a convenient way to eat healthy, always. 

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  • Sep

    We’ve made it to Salem!

    by G. Scott Brown
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    We’ve Expanded to Oregon City & Salem!


    You asked, we delivered (pun intended)! We’ve expanded our large delivery reach to include Oregon City, Keizer and Salem.  As you know, we currently deliver to the entire Portland-Metro market, including Vancouver. And, starting this week, Farm to Fit’s hybrid delivery cars will be seen driving south to the neighboring cities of Oregon City, Salem and Keizer, as well. This was the next step in our expansion.  We listen to our customers’ requests and the requests have been for us to expand further south in the Willamette Valley. So, we have partnered with the fantastic Courthouse Fitness  in Salem and Keizer and Snap Fitness in Oregon City to bring Farm to Fit meals to your area!  Click here to order and chose one of these new spots as  your pick location!

    Image result for courthouse fitness




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  • May

    Vegetarian Meal Planning at Farm to Fit

    by G. Scott Brown
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    Vegetarian Meal Planning at Farm to Fit

    By Halla Byer, MScN, Resident Nutritionist

    Making the switch to a vegetarian – or even just a plant-based diet – can be overwhelming. Ordering meals from Farm to Fit is a great way to get ideas and vegetarian nutritional support.

    If you’re considering a vegetarian diet, you might be wondering what your protein options are. The answer is a little bit bigger than just protein. There are three key nutrients, iron, folate, and vitamin B12 – all typically found in animal products –which are essential to your health.

    The good news? These nutrients are also found in plants. But why do they matter?

    Without adequate amounts of iron, folate, and B12, you may become deficient, and potentially anemic. Anemia is a fairly common, but quite serious condition that affects the size and quantity of your blood cells. Most people who show signs of anemia feel fatigued on a regular basis, and the risk increases even more for females.

    Our goal at Farm to Fit is to make sure we have a nutritionally sound vegetarian menu so you can continue to feel great. As a nutritionist, my job is to comb through every recipe and analyze each day of the vegetarian menu to make sure our clients are getting the perfect amount of those three key nutrients.

    Here are a few plant sources we’ll be including in the vegetarian menu to make sure you’re as healthy and fueled as possible:

    • Iron: Beans and lentils, tempeh, tofu, dark leafy greens, quinoa, prunes, potato skins, raisins, apricots, watermelon, almonds, sunflower seeds (some of these make great snacks on their own, too!)

    • Folate: Beans and lentils, black beans, romaine lettuce, spinach, broccoli.

    • Vitamin B12: nutritional yeast, crimini mushrooms, tempeh

    ***Side note on iron: There are actually two types of iron, heme and non-heme. Heme iron is found in animal products, which will be limited to eggs and dairy in the vegetarian menu. Non-heme iron is found in plants, but in order to be absorbed, non-heme iron requires a little vitamin C, so we’ll make sure to get that in there too!

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  • May

    Movin’ on up

    by G. Scott Brown
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     We’ve Moved and It’s Better Than Ever!

    By Dre Slaman and G. Scott Brown, Co-Owners

    We’ve been busy these last nine months… We have created our perfect kitchen and we couldn’t be more excited!

    Our new location in Northeast Portland started as an old warehouse filled with used Volvo parts.  After months of  meticulous design, permitting, and pre-construction hullaballoo, we finally broke ground on February 1st!   We have more than doubled our space in our new 3600 sq’ kitchen that features 3 huge walk ins, 36 feet of hood space, and a ton of brand new equipment.

    Our new digs not only mean lots of shiny new stuff, but allows us to continue to serve you the best product possible, expand our delivery area even further, and add additional offerings on to our menu (snacks and desserts, anyone?)

    We are ecstatic to finally be moved in and hope you come see us soon!  You can find us at 5411 NE Portland Highway, Portland, OR 97218.  Our phone number and email is the same:  info@farmtofit.com 503-688-9248

    Check out some more pics:



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  • Apr

    Two of Our Favorite Things

    by G. Scott Brown
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    Gathering Together Farm and Seasonal Cilantro

    By Halla Byer, MScN Intern

    In this week’s delivery, you’ll see some menu items featuring cilantro and some FUN FACTS about cilantro, but we also want to shine a spotlight on our local source!

    Gathering Together Farm, located in Philomath, Oregon, is committed to organic farming. They have a CSA service, restaurant, and store on site to help make quality produce available to the public in many different ways! They even sell products in their store from other local farmers to do their part to support a sustainable agricultural community in Oregon!  Now that’s a community we can get on board with!

    Many lifestyle-related conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes, have similar root causes in poor food choices and low physical activity levels. The signs and symptoms of these disorders are often overlapping, so when we find a food like cilantro that helps prevent or reverse all of them from different angles, we’re going to use it!

    And we’re going to use the best source we can find! We thank Gathering Together Farm for supporting Farm to Fit and our mission to provide healthy, local, organic foods to our community!


    Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@FarmToFit) and Instagram for the latest in local farming, fitness and healthy food!

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  • Mar

    Customer Requests for Vegetarian Option Led to Our Newest Menu

    by G. Scott Brown
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    You asked. We delivered…right to your door.

    By G. Scott Brown and Dre Slaman, Founders, Farm to Fit

    After listening to our Portland-area customers tell us they were truly looking for a vegetarian menu option, we thrilled to debut our new Farm to Fit Vegetarian Plan Delivered Meals.

    We are still offering all three meals; Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, or any combination of the three. The portions will be based between 1200-1400 calories per day.

    With items including Spring Vegetable Burgundy and Satsuma Tofu and the popular Spring Vegetable Enchilada we are already seeing incredible at the response and feedback.

    Chef Jeremy has put together an excellent menu, and as usual, we are committed to incorporating as many local and seasonal products as possible. Fortunately for us, the Pacific Northwest is a veggie-chef’s dream. With our temperate climate we can access so much fresh produce, year-round, including local winter squash, greens, rhubarb, greens, lentils and more.

    The Vegetarian Meal Plan is delivered on Thursdays ONLY (for now).

    You can order 2 or 4 days of meals.

    2 days 3 meals per day – $55 2 meal per day (any combo) – $45 1 meal per day – $21

    4 days 3 meals per day – $115 2 meal per day (any combo) – $95 1 meal per day – $47

    This is just one example of our commitment to our customers. For over four years we’ve been delivering wholesome meals to the Portland-area market. We have many more upgrades and changes coming in 2016 and we look forward to serving you and your family with the best and healthiest of meals.


    Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@FarmtoFit), LinkedIn and Instagram for the latest in local farming, fitness and healthy food.

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  • Mar

    Are All Meal Delivery Services in Portland the Same? Not Quite

    by G. Scott Brown
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    How Meal Delivery Pioneers – Farm to Fit –

    Stand Above the New Competition.

    By G. Scott Brown and Dre Slaman, Founders, Farm to Fit

    We realize that delivery – and specifically meal delivery – is booming in Oregon and across the nation. Frankly, we’re flattered the concept is being replicated.

    More families, couples and individuals are prioritizing mealtimes, good nutrition, and convenience.

    Farm to Fit was early to arrive to the Portland meal delivery market in 2011. With so many new players trying to punch into this industry, we wanted to explain how Farm to Fit continues to stand above the rest. Here’s what makes our Farm to Fit meal delivery formula different:

    4+ Years Strong

    Farm to Fit has been in the business of meal delivery for over four years and we’re growing strong. We’re even opening a new – triple in size – kitchen in the next few months.

    Tracked Portion Control

    Our nutritional tracking is premiere. We track and guarantee calories and sizes. Calorie meal plans are tailored to fuel your specific lifestyle and help you achieve your goals. In 2016 we are working to do even more to customize portion control for our clients.

    Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

    Our customers have the option to order every meal, every day of the week. Year-round. Order online today.

    Ultra Flexible

    You can choose to receive 3, 5, or 7 days of Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner.  You can also feed your whole family or just one person. We’ve got options.

    Chef Driven Menu

    Because we’ve been in the market so long. We have a tried and true formula for our solid, gourmet menu with over 500 different meals, created and cooked daily by our team of experienced, professional, award-winning chefs.

    Giant Service Area

    We deliver to a large swath of the Portland and Vancouver area (all the way out to West Linn and Hillsboro). And we’re open to new delivery drop-sites all the time. View all of our meal delivery and pickup locations.

    As Local As We Can Be

    We source all of our ingredients from as many local farmers and purveyors as we can. We are proud to be rooted in Oregon, where year-round farming affords us an amazing localized menu and access to fresh cheese, eggs and meat.

    Local, Unwavering Customer Service

    We are a locally-owned and owner-operated company. We take immense pride in our personalized care and service. In early 2016, we plan to launch an updated website for menu and ordering, where you can further customize your menu.

    Strong Local Fitness Partners

    We value our relationships with the local fitness community and our meal plans are often delivered direct to our local gym partners. See all of our partners here.

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