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    Diet Tips and Coaching from one of our partners!

    by G. Scott Brown
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    Some Guidance from one of our Partners, J. Carlos at Therapeutic Trainers Network…Thanks for keeping us in line!


    How Can I Overcome The After Work Eating Binge After Doing So Well All Day?

    How many times are you so pumped from how well you do all day with your eating, just to get home and raid all the covers and anything in sight?

    I see that happen too often to many of our clients who are trying to lose weight but happen to be parents as well. Does this sounds familiar?  You finally get off work and by the time you drive home to get the kiddos and take them to practice, your hunger meter is all spiked up. You’ve  done well all day keeping your calories in check and you even went to the gym at lunchtime- but the pounds are not budging!!

    How and What can you do today to combat this feeling of defeat?

    The first thing to do is something everyone that starts any weight loss program hates doing—assess where they are at personally (mentally, emotionally and physically). I am very strict about getting our clients to complete our entry forms at the start of their weight loss journey because it reveals to me, and them, where they are mentally and emotionally. After all, weight loss is a very emotional process. Between the level of self esteem, grade of satisfaction and emotional attachment it has to someone or something once you embark, weight loss got to be a comprehensive and personal process.

    Once you assess where you are, the next thing is to pick 2-3 things to tackle head on. Whichever it is, it can have drastic impact on your weight loss journey. One of the reason many of the New Year’s Resolutions fade out by first part of February is because they lack emotional attachment. Also, sometimes, people have very little to no willpower muscle to boost them long term.

    Take a look at one of the primary tools I use with my clients at the beginning of every single coaching session:

    Having a visual aide tool (as seen above) gives  clarity to respond and act instead of reacting in the dark (without any concise reasoning).

    I tried counting calories and journaling more times that I can count–What is wrong with me?

    You probably did set goals more times that you can count. And yes, likely, were not able to attained them for X or Y reason. So ,what is wrong with you? Absolutely nothing!!

    You are likely missing 1 of 3 key pillars to getting a big boost to your weight loss confidence:

    1. Knowledgeable assistance that can guide and provide you with the right answers/options when you get stuck.

    2. Having a workable plan. This is one that I see 3 out of 5 clients coming in with. They get going with some green, kale, superfat loss smoothie because Jane at work did it and loss 50 pounds. The first thing I bring up is that whatever diet or workout video or goggle workout, they cannot do any cookie cutter for more than 20 some reasons that I will not mention here. So be sure that you pull and compile a weight loss program that works for you and your lifestyle pace.  “Be Yourself, Because Everyone Else is Taken”…

    3. A support system that can evolve with you and be there for you. And I am not only talking the group in the basement of the church every weekday. I am referring to the kids knowing that you are working at this. Letting your spouse or partner know the emotional support you will like to get from them during this journey.

    As you can see there are quite a few legs to get your weight loss program on the runaway.

    But no matter what,  do not be discouraged. You deserve to lose weight, you deserve to physically feel amazing and you deserve to mentally enjoy peace of mind.  If you do not believe you deserve to enjoy a better state of life, then I encourage you to reconsider-perhaps call a friend or even me and set a time to chat about it.

    I am not a dreamer, I am an optimist that truly believes in the potential and the special gift that you have to offer to today’s world. However, in order to be able to deliver this gift, you need to feel good and ready. By taken a step, just one step, will prove you that you wants things to get moving again.




    In Healthy Spirits,

    J.Carlos Valdes


    p.s. Enter To Win Shamrock Run/Walk Giveaway by clicking here!! Is all part of our new studio location grand opening festivities.

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    Eating in Winter

    by Rachael Lamb
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    At Farm to Fit, we value seasonal eating. Chef Jeremy takes pride in crafting recipes that highlight what nature has to offer the Pacific Northwest throughout the year.  For example, both summer and winter menus have a Local Fish dish, but you’ll notice that in winter the fish is pared with root vegetables and cream sauces while summer’s version showcases veggies such as tomatoes, corn, and fresh basil.  Eating with the seasons is the most non-revolutionary idea ever – in fact it is as traditional as you’re gonna get.  It’s the way we survived for all those years before fair-trade treaties and international shipping.  Our bodies move in cycles, just like the seasons, and becoming attuned to our natural cycle is beneficial for wellness.  There are many foods that keep us hearty and healthy during the months of winter.  Warming soups made with rich stocks, black beans, kidney beans, dark leafy greens, lamb, chicken, etc. are nourishing and delicious.  Vegetables like potatoes, squash, turnips, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, leeks, cabbage, celery, turnips, kale, rutabagas, broccolini, etc. are readily available and are the perfect addition to any dish.  Cinnamon, fennel seeds, and walnuts are also good recipe additions, for their warming quality.

    In addition to the health benefits of seasonal eating:

    • it supports and promotes your local economy
    • reduces CO2 emissions
    • is more cost effective than eating foods that have traveled a long way
    • it tastes better!

    This week we’re serving up Root Vegetable Hash, German Pork Schnitzel with Braised Cabbage and Parslied Fingerling Potatoes, and Kumquat Chicken with Turnip Farro & Caramelized Brussel Sprouts – just to name a few!  Check out our upcoming menus – and in the meantime, try this immune boosting recipe that will nourish your body with what winter has to offer!

    Ginger Carrot Butternut Squash Soup


    Makes 4 servings
    • 4 carrots, washed and sliced
    • 3 cups butternut squash, peeled and cubed (from medium squash)
    • 1 medium onion, chopped
    • 1 tablespoon fresh ginger, chopped
    • 1 teaspoon orange zest
    • 1 teaspoon turmeric
    • 1 stick of cinnamon
    • 6 cups filtered water or vegetable broth
    • Salt and pepper, to taste

    Place all ingredients in a large stock pot and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and cook at low temperature, just simmering, for one hour. Stir occasionally and skim off the foam from the top.  In a blender puree the soup until smooth and creamy. Serve hot!

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    Portland 3 Month Weight Loss Journey {Week 8}

    by anna long
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    Can you lose 20 pounds in 12 weeks? This woman did!


    Portland 3 Month Weight Loss Journey {Week 8}

    Hello Farm to Fitter’s! I had a very active week (like WAY too busy) and it was a HUGE reminder how nice it is to be signed up for meals with Farm to Fit. I seriously think that I would have eaten take out nearly every day this week had I not had these lovely meals to fall back on. And if I had done that…I would have probably been tempted to down a bottle of red wine and eat cheesy winter fat foods (macaroni and cheese for instance), all of which would have certainly impeded my attempts at weight loss.

    But I did none of that! I ate my meals, which I must say seemed particularly yummy this week), and lost another pound! That makes 7 in total so I’m feeling pretty proud of myself and grateful to have finally found something that seems to be working for me.

    Goal for this week:

    Well I want to keep on track with this 1 pound a week thing and if the weather is nice, go hiking on Saturday.

    Farm to Fit Plan: 7 days at 1200 calories

    Weight Lost: 7 pounds

    Weight to lose to reach goal: 13 pounds

    Weeks Left to Reach Goal: 5

    XO, Anna

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    Portland 3 Month Weight Loss Journey {Week 7}

    by anna long
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    Can you lose 20 pounds in 12 weeks? This woman did!


    Portland 3 Month Weight Loss Journey {Week 7}

    Hello there! Please excuse my LONG absence…I went on two big trips (Chicago and Mexico) as well as Christmas-related trips all over Oregon.

    I’m realizing that setting myself up for “3 months of weight loss” during the holidays was…optimistic. Between holiday food and travel, it was a mighty feat to keep my busy head above water (let alone focus on weight loss).

    Starting FRESH in January!

    I must admit that I was excited to get back from Mexico last Thursday, get my Farm to Fit delivery and relax back into “normal” life. Normal = healthy meals, regular exercise and less travel. My body is CLEARLY happy with me resuming my routine as I lost another 2lbs this week!

    I weighted myself when I returned from Mexico and I hadn’t gained or lost any weight (yay! limiting myself to 1 margarita the entire trip paid off!) But it feels good to be back on the weight loss train and I’m not realizing that I’m just about 1/3 of the way to my original goal of losing 20lbs!

    Goal for this week:

    This week I’m shooting to drop 1 more pound and go to the gym 4 times this week (2 down, 2 to go). Oh, I also haven’t had a drink since 12/31…so I’d like to continue that trend this week as it seems to be really helping me out along with all this healthy eating!

    Do you have any New Year’s goals or even weekly goals you want to share? If so, shout them out in the comments section below!

    Farm to Fit Plan: 7 days at 1200 calories

    Weight Lost: 6 pounds

    Weight to lose to reach goal: 14 pounds

    Weeks Left to Reach Goal: 6

    XO, Anna

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    Farm to Fit Procures Portland’s ‘Dinner-At-Your-Door’

    by G. Scott Brown
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    Farm to fit Dinner at Your Door

    farm to fit logo

    Today, Farm to Fit acquired ‘Dinner At Your DoorCo-Founders Dre Slaman and G. Scott Brown‘, a home-cooked meal delivery service previously serving the Portland metro area. Margot Feves started Dinner At Your Door in 2009 and soon became successful in creating scrumptious, read-to-eat dinners that were delivered to home or office.  Feves has decided to move in a different direction, focusing on her rental space ‘Opal 28′.    Already familiar with and successful in the food delivery business, Farm to Fit is the perfect match to take over Dinner At Your Door.   started Farm to Fit in 2011 with a mission to bring deliciously fresh, locally sourced, portion controlled meals to those interested in healthy eating with busy schedules.  Offering a seasonally rotating menu with calorie-specific meal plans and options to pick and choose, Farm to Fit is a fit for all!  Currently, Farm to Fit delivers to the Portland Metro Area, as well as Lake Oswego, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Vancouver WA, and Forest Grove.  Adding Dinner To Your Door to our family will allow Farm to Fit to expand to new markets, bringing healthy, convenient, delectable food to even more of Oregon.

    For more information or to place an order, please call 503.688.9248 or visit our website at www.farmtofit.com



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    New Years Weight Loss Resolutions

    by Rachael Lamb
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    stick to your weight loss goals

    Happy 2015!  The dust has finally settled from the past weeks of holiday excitement and we are at the beginning all over again!  The perfect time to reflect and plan for the year to come.  It’s estimated that 40% of Americans make new years resolutions.  And although many naysayers scoff at this western tradition, the benefit of even an intention to make healthy lifestyle improvements cannot be argued.

    A good place to start is with the word itself: ‘Resolution’ has a bad connotation these days – as it tends to be associated with failure. This is probably because resolutions are often ‘all or nothing’ declarations.  Many of us try to start and stop habits cold turkey, resolving to ‘stop or start’ ‘starting tomorrow’ (often while smoking like a fiend or over indulging in salt and straw pints right up until the very last seconds of December, which certainly doesn’t help). None of us are perfect. Placing too much weight on a decision to change can backfire, as one ‘slip up’ sometimes results in straight up giving up.

    What if the word was no longer ‘resolution’ but ‘goal’? And we created realistic ones? Suddenly, less pressure right? Instead of NEVER EATING ICE CREAM EVER AGAIN IN THIS LIFE (which, for people like me, is  an inevitable fail), what if the goal was to only eat ice cream once a week for the month of January. Then, once every two weeks in February. Cut back again in March.  Hopefully by summer I’ll have cracked the addition a bit and can feel good about indulging in those few but far between pints.  It’s a matter of working up your willpower, and it’s not easy. Our habits are directly linked to our physiology.  Chemicals like dopamine are released in the brain even when we see an image of our vice. But, it is doable, and just like any kind of training – it just takes practice.  But before you take action it’s imperative to set your intentions and plan the ‘executions’.  Because a mid-traffic daydream about  [fill in the blank] is going to be harder to accomplish without some framework set in place.

    Check out these tips before you embark on the new you!

    Make a List

    Yes, it’s cliche, but writing out what you intend to do can help you clarify your goals (not to mention – it makes ignoring them even harder).  Think ahead to one year from now.  What would it feel good to have accomplished?It also helps to get specific.  For example, “Lose weight” is a vague goal without parameters to measure success or failure.   “Lose 10 Pounds” is better – “Lose one pound each week for 12 weeks” is even better.  Within each goal include your ‘hows’ :

    Lose one pound each week for 12 weeks
    1.Set alarm every morning at 6:30 and go for an early jog
    2. Eat vegetables with at least two meals a day
    3. Substitute fresh fruit for dessert all but one day per week
    4. Carry waterbottle and drink frequently
    5. Walk or bike to work at least twice per week
    6. Weigh in every Sunday and track progress

    Do it Together

    Many people have greater success when sharing their experience with others.  Get your friends to join and make it fun – create a facebook page/group and post your progress- join a class you’ve never tried before.  Or for those who benefit from even more public accountability, check out StickK - a digital service that helps individuals make goals a reality by using the power of incentives.  Set your own goals and choose to add $$ stakes to your follow through.

    Start Small

    The great thing about setting goals is that you can always go back and modify them.   So start small.  Instead of “30 minutes of intense daily cardio’ why not start with ’5 minutes of intense daily cardio for one week’ and allow yourself to build on that goal as you go.  Also, choose just one goal to work on at a time.  Trying to quit smoking while swearing off sugar, vowing to give up Facebook, AND promising yourself ‘no more Starbucks’ is quite a lot to manage all at once.  Pick one place to put your energy.

    Get Passionate

    Choose a goal you can get excited about.  And if it just doesn’t seem possible you could ever be excited about biking to work, for example, try to reframe your perspective.  Instead of thinking about how hard it is going to be to ‘get through’ whatever it is, try to think about how good you are going to feel a week, a month, and years from now.  If it helps, try a Pros and Cons list.

     Reward your Accomplishments

    What is hard work without a pat on the back?  Celebrate small successes to keep yourself going.  Nothing is so bad with a massage waiting on the other side of it :)

    New Years Resolutions

    Whatever you decide to focus on this year, remember:  Opportunities to change and improve are everywhere – and you are worth it!

    What are your goals this year?  How do you plan on accomplishing them?  I’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts on this topic!


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    Top 10 Stocking Stuffers

    by Rachael Lamb
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    It’s crunch time!  The big day is only 5 away  - – are you still scrambling for gift ideas?  Check out this list of super-cool stocking stuffers that will have you one-up on Santa this year!

    10. Trail Blazers Gear!

    Check out their merch: www.trailblazersfanshop.com



     9. Keychain Cable

    On the go and forgot your charger?  Bet you didn’t forget your keys!  This USB attaches to your keyset and makes charging on the go NBD.




     8. A Fun Shower Curtain

    Check out others



    7. Sriracha 2 Go!

    This is pure Genius.



    6. A Multi-Tool

    Perfect for the bike commuter in your life –  A multi-tool like this one from Crank Brothers can perform 19 different functions so that a cyclist doesn’t need to have 19 different tools handy for a variety of repairs.

    Check out more bike gear.




    5. A Gift from Oregon!

    Portland is home to some amazing local artisans and small businesses.  Show your Oregon Pride and get them something made from here! Check out this Oregon-made sea salt!

    sea-salt-from-jacobsen-salt-co-3982f19f8bb54430 (1)


    4. Zippo Hand Warmer

    Also, genius. Check it out!



    3. Game Night

    Get a gift that’ll bring you together .  ‘Cards Against Humanity’ also offers a free download version




    2. Mushy Stuff

    How about an “I Love You Cuz” book – - buy a fill-in-the-blanker or make one yourself!



    THE #1 STUFFER OF THE YEAR:  Health, Convenience, Flavor!

    Let us cater to your loved ones this holiday season – Get ‘em a Farm to Fit Gift Certificate!



    Healthy, delicious meals delivered to their doorstep – because, what is more valuable than health and time?!

    Happy Holidays!


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    Friday Lunch Highlight : Falafel Sandwich

    by Rachael Lamb
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    Falafel Sandwich Recipe - Yum!

    Farm To Fit Falafel Friday

    Served with warm pita and drizzled with tazitki or tahini sauce, this traditionally middle-eastern dish is usually eaten with “meze” (appetizer).  The name ‘falafel’ (with it’s origin in Arabic)  has been spread and translated in other languages as ‘pepper’ , ‘long pepper’, ‘small round thing, peppercorn’,  ”to be round, roll”, “rollers, little balls”.   Falafel’s true origin is controversial – though most believe it dates back to Pharaonic Egypt.  Origin aside, these crispy little guys are so popular that McDonald’s introduced a ‘McFalafel’ in some countries!  And, though not a specifically a Jewish food (but popular because considered pareve under Jewish dietary laws) , falafel is the national dish of Israel! What’s all in it? Falafel is prepared by soaking chickpeas, fava beans, (or a combination), then mashing the beans with herbs like parsley, garlic, cumin and coriander.  The batter is formed into small patties that are traditionally fried, but can also be baked (as our Chef Jeremy has prepared them).  Falafel is high in protein, complex carbohydrates, and fiber. Chickpeas are also low in fat and salt and contain no cholesterol. Key nutrients are calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper, manganese, vitamin C, thiamine, pantothenic acid, vitamin B, and folate.  Falafel can be eaten alone or in a salad, but is most often enjoyed sandwich-style in a pita or wrapped in a lafa.  Whether you’re eating from a stand, cart, or restaurant, a ‘toppings bar’ is typical – and stuffing your falafel-filled pita is encouraged, though eating it may prove to be  difficult! Check this out! The current record for largest falafel ball is: 74.75 kg (164.4 lb), set on 28 July 2012 in Amman, Jordan.

    Giant Falafel

      If you missed Farm to Fit’s rendition of Falafel this week, give Portland’s Wolf & Bear’s a try – on SW 10th st, NE Mississippi, or SE 28th!

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    Meet Your Gourmet Meal Team Members!

    by Rachael Lamb
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    Team Member: Madi Taylor
    Position: Food Packager and Delivery Driver
    Delivery Route: Downtown NW

    How long have you been with F2F: “7 Months”

    Favorite Music to pack bags to: “90′s hip hop/R&B”

    Favorite F2F dish to eat: “All of the salads”

    Best part about working here: “The crew is awesome, and…it’s fun!”

    If you could deliver F2F to one person dead or alive who would it be?: “All of the spice girls”

    Favorite Holiday activity: “Cutting down Christmas trees! – Also, dressing up- you know, nice bow tie”

    Best place in Portland to get a non-healthy snack: “The burger at Bar-Bar”

    Madi Taylor Farm to Fits Packager and Deliverer





    Headin’ out

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    Portland 3 Month Weight Loss Journey {Week 6}

    by G. Scott Brown
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    Can you lose 20 pounds in 12 weeks? This woman did!


    Portland  3 Month Weight Loss Journey {Week 6}

    Hello there weight loss journey readers! Is anyone else happy that it wasn’t a holiday this week? Fewer holidays = less obligatory eating, boredom eating, stress eating…and all those other things that usually make us eat more!

    This week I was able to kick back, heat up my delicious meals, and focus on life. My hand wanted to type “focus on food”, but honestly, since I’ve been eating Farm to Fit, my focus hasn’t been on food (Thank you farm to fit!!!!)

    My days and time are a little freed up. I don’t have much of a reason to go to the grocery store (my hubby is left to his own devices in the food department right now), I haven’t had to plan out recipes and I’m not doing a bunch of cleaning and cooking. So, I’m a happy camper! Oh and in case you are wondering…I lost 1 more pound this week!


    • Anyone else wondering what happened to “daylight”?? Less light has left me with a little less motivation to get my buns to the gym (or maybe that’s just my excuse).


    • One pound down this week!
    • I put my jeggings on!! If you don’t know my “jeggings” back story, check out my week 1 blog post. I’m not quite sliding into them, like I’d like, but I think in a few weeks, I’ll be back in ;)
    • I have a wedding to go to in Chicago this coming weekend and I’m not afraid of getting a picture taken of myself (if you’ve struggled with weight, you know what I’m talking about)

    Do you have a struggle or triumph to share? I’d LOVE to hear about it! I’ll be back next week after taking a 4 day break from Farm to Fit whilst traveling to Chicago. Wish me luck!!

    Farm to Fit Plan: 7 days at 1200 calories

    Weight Lost: 4 pounds

    Weight to lose to reach goal: 16 pounds

    Weeks Left to Reach Goal: 7

    XO, Anna

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