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    On January 9th, 2015 Farm To Fit acquired Dinner at Your Door.  We are excited to be able to offer you our expansive menu and multiple meal plans.

    Farm To Fit prepares 7 different Breakfasts, 7 different Lunches, and 7 different Dinners each week from our recipe list of over 400 different dishes. We portion all our meals in different calorie specific amounts.  You are able to order our weekly meals plans with as little as 3 dinners a week or up to as many as 21 meals for the week.

    The meals are portioned in 1200, 1600 or 2000 calorie per day averages.  All our sizes can be adjusted to be made Gluten Intolerant. We also offer our BOOST plan which is Low/No Carb (approximately 1200 calories per day) and a Diabetic Friendly plan, that accommodates those who are diagnosed with Diabetes and trying to keep their carbs at a little higher level between 45-65 grams per meal.

    If you want have a similar dining experience to Dinner at Your Door, we recommend you:

    –          “3 Day Only Plan” which contains 3 Individual meals. (Single Portion Sizes)

    –          Repeat for as many servings as you need for your house hold

    Dinner at Your Door Gift Certificate Policy:

    Farm To Fit is happy to honor DAYD gift certificates  until the date of expiration. Because of the change of ownership, and to make sure we are accommodating all circumstances to the best of our ability,  we would like to the extend the expiration for 10 calendar days after original expiration date.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to honor DAYD gift certificates beyond this time frame. However,  a 15 % discount off the first order is available for  clients with expired gift certificates.

    We are so excited to serve you healthy, convenient, delicious meals! Contact our office for questions and more information today!

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